SMS Assist - Let us help you:

SMS ASSIST is your online resource of how to use KEYWORDS to ‘sign up’ potential customers to your very own private list. With Media by Mobile’s online portal you can advertise your number (long number or short code) along with your KEYWORD in any marketing material (online, TV, radio, magazines, posters in store etc) designed to create a call to action. When the mobile phone user responds to your promotion with the KEYWORD to your number they will automatically be added to a private list in your online account with Media by Mobile. You can then send periodic SMS to those customers whenever you like. As long as you abide by the SPAM Act and Media by Mobile’s Terms of Use.

*Media by Mobile can assist with any or every step of the way, from designing an effective campaign, ensuring compliance with legislation, preparing the marketing material, delivery of SMS, and managing responses including opt ins and opt outs.

SMS ASSIST will also keep you up to date with the latest trends and the best way to maintain a healthy CRM policy for the future absolutely free to every registered business.

Sample Idea:

A two month mobile interactive ad campaign in Italy has resulted in a 9% increase in sales for Dunkin Donuts, according to the two companies that created it.

As a result of an SMS-based marketing campaign, customers were able to get coupons for Dunkin Donuts goods by using their mobile handsets to respond to advertisements displayed on store notice boards, billboards and on the radio. By sending a short message to the published numbers with a KEYWORD, users receive an immediate reply featuring a free gift coupon or special offer exchangeable at local outlets.

Sales were reportedly up 9% within the first three weeks of the campaign. By enticing consumers to request special offers, Dunkin Donuts ensures that they achieve a great consumer push without running the risk of breaking down the client relationship by contributing to the wealth of 'spam'. SMS is the perfect way to tap into a vast market of mobile phone users in an environment plagued by a lack of standardization and interconnections. By ensuring that the power of the SMS medium is put to good use in an ethical way and one which doesn't encroach upon users' privacy is something which was key to the success of campaigns such as this one with Dunkin Donuts.

And Dunkin Donuts' Italian franchisee GianLuigi Contin says that the SMS marketing solution has been a positive brand-building experience: "We are directly reaching our targets with a message they can understand. Cellular coupons are not cute promotions, rather they are serious marketing tools that not only extend the brand but are also directed towards the people we want to reach."
* charges and conditions apply